Alexander N. Messenger
My skill sets cover a wide range of digital media including photography, photo editing, filming, video editing, journalism, website design and development and graphic design.

Taking these skills further, as to how they can be applied through career and entrepreneurial endeavours, I’ve explored the creation of content for online publication, digital media and marketing as well as the creation of art.

Having learnt a lot from different fields, I’ve found I can bring a different perspective to the table and am able to consider the vastly different ways that various formats can be used across a range of platforms.

Digital Thinking

Digital in general and digital media have always been a huge part of my life, whether for my career, education or personal.

Finding and creating digital solutions, designing interactive experiences and thinking about how these will engage with an audience.

In saying this, not everything is digital. Having worked with print and analog technologies and formats I’ve found an appreciation for them, not to mention being able to see the benefits, the drawbacks and the different perspectives behind them.


BA (Hons), Digital Photography – Ravensbourne University (2015 – 2018)

Level 3 Interactive Media and Art and Design BTEC – Westminster Kingsway College (2013 – 2015)